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Send your wine-loving friends two bottles of a Rhône blend everyone wants to pair with holiday prime rib, ciopinno, or roast turkey. A special opportunity to taste and compare wines that are two of a kind! Each year we bottle our reds twice.  The first bottling is in early Spring after about 18 months of age.   The second bottling takes place in late summer or early fall and represents our wines from the vintage that went through extended-aging in French oak barrels. Oublié’s blend is always Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre – our California version of a Châteauneuf du Pape. The namesake is a play on the French term for “forgotten”.  Rhône varietals grow beautifully on our estate and we believe that they are far-too-often forgotten when you think of a California wine. 


At first taste you will never believe this bottle is a 2018. Soft and approachable with dark cherry and vanilla aromas, coupled with blueberries and crushed black pepper on the palate. Each component of the blend seems to fit together like the perfect puzzle piece. 


The twenty-two month bottling shows so much maturity already with rounded tannins and vibrant acidity. Notes of rose petals and black tea fill your glass.  This wine could be best served with lots of family in the backyard over a large pan of paella.