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What better way to brighten someone's holiday than to send them the full Booker line-up and let them experience a glimpse of what its like to be a member! 

2020 WHITE
50% Viognier, 33% Roussanne, 10% Chardonnay, 7% Marsanne

Leading with a bright and zippy nose, the 2020 White gives way to a massive and textural wine with an opulent mid-palate of marmalade and honeysuckle. This wine was aged sur lie and stirred three times a day in early stages to help create soft textures and a dense mouthfeel. The finish is all power and length.

100% Grenache

Aged in concrete and 500L puncheons with only about 30% new French oak, Ripper gives way to rose petals on the nose and leads to a mid-palate that is silky and ready to indulge now. The finish is well over a minute long, exploding with ripe strawberries and a cherry. It is polished off with excellent acidity that really makes this wine pop and shine. Ripper has become an extremely consistent wine over the last few vintages, you can rest assured that the 2019 extended-aged version is going to be a home run!

34% Grenache, 31% Syrah, 27% Mourvèdre, 4% Tannat, 4% Petite Sirah 

Oublié is reminiscent of a great CDP with spice in the Mourvèdre that brings tremendous balance to the middle of the wine. Everything is finesse and power. It starts with lighter red fruits and moves into deeper blues on the finish. This is a great example of exactly where we want Oublié to be year after year. 

48% Syrah, 47% Mourvèdre, 3% Grenache, 2% Viognier 

A startling wine. A legendary wine. It is so rare when a wine shows this much power and finesse.  The Viognier brings a sense of elegance early on your palate and then a nice balance of acid kicks off the party with a pop of brightness. It’s the lead-off batter, then comes the number 3, 4, 5 batters with a perfectly soft dive right into the finish. Dark fruits overcome the wine and then take you home for a finish that is as long as you can find.  

100% Syrah

The 2019 Fracture Extended will not disappoint anyone. Early on it is showing gorgeous ripeness but with some maturity that will mellow out. The acid in this wine has the ability to carry Fracture for 20 to 30 years without a problem. Traditionally this wine shows mostly blue and black fruit, but in 2019 it seems to tease you with a little bit of red fruits before diving into black and blue across the rest of your palate. It will be a beautiful wine to keep a stock of in your cellar for years. 

100% Tempranillo

This is arguably the most balanced Tempranillo we have ever made. The ripe fruit would usually be followed by generous tannins, but in this vintage they are tame. Our Tempranillo in 2019 was so powerful and showed tons of color. It is an elegant beast and for those that enjoy Tempranillo - this one will rank amongst the top anywhere.